Black Friday deal: Radeon R9 Fury graphics card

This Asus Radeon R9 Fury 4GB HBM Strix graphics card is currently $560 at Micro Center, which is a saving of $90. There's also a copy of Star Wars Battlefront a $20 rebate in it for you, bring it down to $540, the lowest price we've seen.
If that still sounds pretty pricey, then take a look at the specs that back it up. The R9 Fury has a core clock speed of 1,000MHz which can be boosted to 1,020MHz, 3584 stream processors, and 4GB of high bandwidth memory giving it triple the performance-per-watt of GDDR5.
Maximum PC reviewed this Asus version of the R9 Fury and had this to say about the card: "Asus, for their part, offers a potent card in the Strix R9 Fury, for those with the budget and a sufficiently large case. It runs quietly and stays cool even under pressure, and Asus has really put a lot of engineering prowess into the design, allowing them to reduce power requirements by about 30W compared to other Fury designs. Is that enough to warrant the $30 price premium over other R9 Fury cards? For some users, certainly, but whatever Fury card you choose will still offer a healthy amount of performance."


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