Build of the week: In Win D-Frame Terminator

‘I’m from the future, bay-bay!’ is probably what this PC would say if it could talk (I’ve never seen a Terminator movie). ‘I want to kill your son!’ is probably the other thing it would say. But if your son/humanity's future savior really has to die, death by Terminator aesthetics (chrome and custom cooling solutions) doesn't seem like a bad way to go. Sorry, future.
The In Win D-Frame Terminator is made by the group Modder CROW, a renowned team out of Thailand. Most immediately impressive is the build’s terrifying robot face, though I’m more concerned for its well-being than my own. Having sentience while embedded in a gaming PC doesn’t sound like the greatest time. But at least the robot face is surrounded by some nice lighting, custom cooling (because you can’t just go around killing CPUs), and powerful hardware.
It’s all arranged neatly in a modded D-Frame, a chassis from In Win, known for their eccentric open designs.
Be sure to check out Modder CROW’s Facebook page to see what else they’re sending back in time.

Terminator components:

CPU: Intel i7 5960X + Thermaltake NiC C4
Motherboard: Asus x99 Deluxe
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V 32Gb 3000VR (8GBx4)
GPU: Asus Titan X + Heatkiller waterblock
PSU: FPS Aurum Pro 1200W
Chassis: In Win D-Frame
Cooling: Bitspower custom components


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