Klitschko vs Fury: Tyson Fury wins unanimous decision against Wladimir Klitschko

Tyson Fury ended Wladimir Klitschko’s long reign as the heavyweight champion of the world on a points decision

Tyson Fury became the heavyweight champion of the world after producing an inspired display to out-point Wladimir Klitschko on Saturday night.
The Lancashire puncher ended the reign of boxing's most dominant heavyweight of the 21st century to capture the WBA Super, WBO and IBF titles in the ESPRIT arena in Dusseldorf.
Fury was light on his toes for the duration and although he did not land any particularly brutal shots and had one point deducted, he was awarded a unanimous 115-112, 115-112, 116-111 scoreline after forcing Klitschko to unsuccessfully chase him for the majority of the proceedings.
The night had begun with threats from Team Fury to cancel the bout altogether after it emerged that Klitschko had illegally wrapped his hands without supervision. Added to rows about gloves and soft ring canvas, Fury had appeared comfortable in the chaos all week. Crucially, he appeared totally at home when it truly mattered.
Fury pelted the champion with verbals before, during and immediately after the national anthems - then continued the insults as he gained comfort in the opening round. He dashed out of his corner, orthodox, circling away from Klitschko's powerful right glove and peppering him from the outside. The champion remained steely throughout.
Fury took Klitschko's titles with a unanimous decision
Fury took Klitschko's titles with a unanimous decision
The challenger's swagger continued and he landed the first meaningful blow with a left hook as Klitschko backed up, midway through the second. While there was little between them, Fury had visibly settled into his surroundings quicker.
He switched to southpaw, performed an Ali shuffle and even showboated with his hands behind his back - Klitschko never flinched, stalked his foe, yet never found a moment to even attempt a meaningful right hand.
Fury spent the fifth dancing between stances and, while the Ukrainian was slowly finding his range, a head clash opened a wound underneath Klitschko's left eye. Smelling blood, Fury connected with a right that drew a wry smile.
A bloodied Klitschko looks on during the fight
A bloodied Klitschko looks on during the fight
A second cut emerged, this time above the same eye, and the sight of the bloodied Klitschko struggling to locate his fleet-footed challenger seemed almost alien. Unfazed, Fury strolled with his hands beneath his waist - meanwhile, the champion's bludgeoning right remained an unused, neglected cannon.
The eighth round briefly descended to the pre-Queensbury Rules days as Fury, swatting an errant wasp out of his eyeline, had to be reminded to re-apply his mouth-guard. Almost as if he did not have a nine-year champion in front of him, Fury found time to gaze around ringside at familiar faces.
Klitschko finally landed a stiff right in the ninth but Fury shook it off and called for more. As they became embroiled in close quarters, Klitschko briefly and bizarrely turned his back, drawing an eye-catching left hook.
Tyson Fury celebrates after winning his fight against Wladimir Klitschko
Tyson Fury celebrates after winning his fight against Wladimir Klitschko
There were very few clean punches as the clock ticked away but Klitschko's lack of firepower was particularly alarming. Finally, he appeared like a 39-year-old and a third cut emerged in the 11th. As they clinched, Fury was deducted a point for hitting the back of the head.
In the final stages, it was still the challenger who waded through deep waters, lunging with determination and hunger rather than technique. Klitschko suddenly appeared like the pre-Emanuel Steward fighter and threw two powerful left hooks and wobbled his opponent - as the final bell sounded, Fury's celebrations were more believable than the champion's.
He was rewarded for his superior work-rate by the three judges and erupted into celebrations before breaking out into song with a rendition of an Aerosmith classic to his wife Paris, who announced that she is pregnant earlier on Saturday.


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