The Mystery Of Levitating Cars Flying Through The Air Finally Solved

Just like every other mystery we have encountered on the internet, the suspense of levitating cars in China has a sensible explanation. Watch this viral video and know how a cable made three cars fly on the road in China.
The internet is filled with videos of UFOs and you can do nothing but feel sceptical and laugh at them. The same happened with me when I saw a video of a levitating car flying through the air.
If you haven’t seen this viral video till now, you can watch it below. This bizarre video has become very popular on YouTube and it shows three cars being lifted in the air as it approaches the junction.
In the video, as a van approaches a junction, its back end is lifted. At the same time, another vehicle’s front end is lifted and the third car starts moving here and there. After few seconds of commotion, they crash back aggressively onto the road with a bang.
Well, as the media reported, there is nothing magical about these cars. If you are a bit disappointed, you can check out our article about the flying cars that are soon going to be a reality.
The mystery of these levitating cars has been solved as the local Chinese media has reported that the incident was caused by a steel cable.
The media claimed that the cable may have tangled with the brushes of a street-cleaning vehicle on the left side of the road. This resulted in this magical incident that seemed sponsored by David Copperfield.
Don’t believe everything you see on the internet, Autobots are yet to come.


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