Steam's Game Awards Sale Offers Cheap Metal Gear, Witcher, and More

Steam has kicked off a new sale featuring many of the nominated titles from The Game Awards, which take place later today.
Tales From the Borderlands
Unfortunately, not every nominated title is discounted--it's apparently too soon for Fallout 4Undertale, or a few other games to go on sale through Steam. Still, there are some okay-to-very good deals to be had, such as Axiom Verge for $14,Cibele for $6.74, Her Story for $3.59, Rocket League for $14, andThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for $30. You can also get Downwell, already well worth its $3 price tag, for a measly $2.
You can check out a full list of discounted games (and links to their Steam pages) below.
Another of the nominees, Portal Stories: Mel, is a free mod, though it requires that you own Portal 2 (which isn't on sale) to play it.


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