This Country Has The Best Internet In The World

internet-speed-world-countryThe International Telecommunication Union has unveiled its latest report that outlines the internet speed and computer users from all over the world. South Korea has topped the list of countries with best internet connection. Read more to know about other trends.
So, how’s your internet connection? I guess, it’s good enough to read this article. Well, conditions are not the same all across the globe and more than half population of the world doesn’t have internet access.
If we talk about countries with the fastest internet connection, the latest report by the International Telecommunication Union tells that South Korea has the fastest internet in the world, beating the expected chart-toppers like the US, UK, and Japan. Notably, South Korea also topped the list in 2010.
Out of the perfect 10 score, South Korea’s rating was measured 8.93. Denmark and Iceland came second and third, respectively. The US came at the fifteenth place with 8.19 score, which is a slight improvement from past five years.IDI-rankings
On the other hand, Chad scored the lowest score 1.17 accompanied by Ethiopia, Cuba, and Afghanistan at the bottom.
These ratings are based on the speed of internet, percentage of households with a computer, and volume of fixed internet connections per 100 people.
You can read the complete ITU report on their website and look into other data about global connectivity.


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