This Destiny Player Defeated The Taken King's Raid Boss, Oryx, Solo

n news that's sure to depress those of us who still haven't finished Destiny: The Taken King's new raid, a player has defeated its final boss, Oryx, without any other players by his side.
As documented in the video above, player TheGrreatGatsby recently managed the accomplishment, making him what's believed to be the first player to do so. The process apparently involved more than 50 hours of work, as explained on Reddit, though Gatsby also credits a number of other players with discoveries that made this possible.
"I was literally shaking near the end, I was afraid I'd drop my controller, I kept telling myself to man up and focus on beating this already," Gatsby recalled in a Reddit comment. "I was about to cry near the end when I shot Oryx in the chest but I manned up and cried anyway."
Gatsby goes on to suggest his next task could be defeating the hard version of Oryx on his own.
Bungie is planning to offer new challenges for the King's Fall raidthat will require players to tackle bosses in a "very specific manner." The first of these launched this week, with more on the way.


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