Xbox One-Exclusive Quantum Break New Gameplay Footage Coming This Week

Microsoft will debut new Quantum Break gameplay footage and more during the Game Awards this week. Show organizer Geoff Keighley announced the news in a video. He confirmed that not only will there be new gameplay footage, but also a fresh look at the companion live-action Quantum Break TV show.

 One of the show's stars, X-Men's Shawn Ashmore, will be on hand to showcase the new footage.
The Quantum Break reveal is just one of at least 10 "world premieres" lined up for the show. These will be a mix of game announcements and new content for existing games as will be the case with Quantum Break.
Other world premieres tipped for the show already include the first Far Cry Primal gameplay footage and a new DLC character for Mortal Kombat X.
The Game Awards air this coming Thursday, December 3, starting at 6 PM PST. GameSpot will have all the news and trailers for you as they're released.
Quantum Break was originally scheduled to launch on Xbox Onein 2015. However, it was later delayed and is now due to arrive in April 2016. The game, the story for which is told across the game and a TV show, is developed by Max Payne and Alan Wakestudio Remedy.


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